Freight Management

Version- v12
Required Apps:-
- Website (website)
- Invoicing (account)
- Employees (hr)

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    Freight Management

    This module works on both community and enterprise editions

    This module allows you to manage all freight operations (Air, Ocean, and Land). For ocean it allows you to manage both FCL and LCL shipments and for land it allows you to manage both FTL and LTL, it is a comprehensive platform that gives you the chance to manage all aspects of your freight forwarding operations.

    Freight Management Features

    • Complete Freight Forwarding solution.

    • Manage Air, Ocean, Land

    • Ocean: FCL, LCL Land: FTL, LTL

    • Shipment tracking from Website.

    • Add multiple routes for each shipment

    • Comprehensive Reporting (profit and loss on the shipment Level).

    • Direct, Master and House shipments

    • Print Airway bill and Bill of Lading

    Beautiful Dashboards:

    The Workflow
    Start by selecting the shipment type (import/export, Air / Ocean / Land), fill the details of the shipment, the form is dynamic and is designed to be very easy to fill depending on your shipment type.

    After you save the form the system will automatically assign an internal reference number for the shipment

    Then specify order details, the system will automatically filter packages applicable for the selected operation (Air, ocean, land), you can also specify if the order is Dry or reefer (food, plants…etc)

    After you specify the orders of the shipment, it’s time to select the packages, you can automatically generate that from orders, and you can even add more packages:

    you can also add the items inside each package( chairs, tables, fruits…etc), if you have an FCL container(20” or 40” container), you can specify the items inside each container, the system will automatically show containers if you have an ocean shipment

    After you have specified your packages and items inside them, its time to select the routes, the system will automatically select the main carriage route for you based on the information mentioned on the main shipment, you can add more routes to your shipment

    Add pickup, delivery, on the carriage or pre-carriage routes if you need to

    After you specified your routes, it’s time to add the services to each route, click on the services tab you see on the screenshot above and add the services you need, in this example, we are adding an Air freight service to this shipment

    the system will automatically filter services, you can add as many freight services as you wish, be aware that the cost and sale price selected here will be reflected on the profitability/cost of this shipment, each service will show as a line item on the invoice (vendor bill and customer invoice).

    Click on the services box on the top to see all services and start the invoicing process, from this single screen you can invoice your customer and issue Agent bills.

    Select whom you want to invoice for this shipment, the Consignee, shipper or the agent.

    we now have the right customer invoice generated with the right information (sale price for each service).

    The same applies to Agent / Vendor bills.

    The Profit and loss of this shipment is now shown on the first tab:-

    Here is a comprehensive view of ALL shipments, this view can be customized.


    Our system is very flexible and contains many configuration items, first we start with Ports configuration, here you can add ports and decide if a port can be used for Air, ocean or land.

    Configure Vessels:

    Add Airlines:

    Configure Incoterms:

    Configure containers:

    Move Types:

    You can also configure the services you provide to your customers:

    Shipment Tracking From Front End (Website):

    Our module allows your customer to track shipments directly from your website, in the backend, you will notice that there is a tracking tab visible for each shipment, you can enter tracking details below:

    Now login to the website and enter the tracking number highlighted above to track the shipment:

    Click on Track to see tracking details:


    Here you get a report of the profitability of ALL shipments including, expected margin, actual margin, the amount due, you can group by shipment type or consignee, shipper…etc:

    Print Bill of Lading:

    Print Airway Bill: