IQ Smart, Backend Theme

Version- v12
* Backend themes might not work with Odoo Enterprise Edition. Please read the description carefully.

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    IQ Smart Odoo Flexible, Powerful Backend Theme

    • More work area for the Odoo ERP users

    • Flexibility from User to user to choose the function that they like.

    • Desktop Menu to choose an icon from 2D, 3D,

    • Favourite bar: Flexibility to jump next app with a single click

    • Flexibility to choose Night Mode/light mode/regular mode

    • Flexibility to choose linear view or horizontal tab view just like Odoo

    • Flexibility for users to choose fonts

    • The flexibility of Fuzzy search helps for a quick jump to an app

    • Menu's Tree view display of menu & submenu for simple & clear view

    • Flexibility to choose Display Density in all list view

    • Flexibility to choose from regular view and full-screen view

    • Flexibility with fully responsive works smoothly with the laptop, tablet and mobile devices

    IQ Smart Easy User Interface with more flexibility to the user to user

    IQ Smart is a Flexible, Powerful Odoo Backend theme available for Odoo V12 Community. While developing this theme, we had given more working space for users with great look & feel and with ultimate UX. Along with this, we had focused on Odoo ERP users, we provided flexibility to choose different operational functions from user to user. For eg.


    A favourite bar where you can store favourite and jump to its screen with a single click. the flexibility of user and their daily quick operations while working with Odoo ERP. Like sales user might be regularly using CRM, Sales, invoice, messages etc so he can pick and drop actively using apps icons on the favourite bar so on single click he can jump from one app to other apps. This saves a lot of time.


    The main flexible features that users can choose are - Favourite bar, Fonts & colour theme options, Vertical-horizontal view options, Display Density feature in the list view is applied in all modules, Night mode option, the Tree view of Menu & submenu which is very useful for tablet and mobile devices, Fuzzy search for apps and many more which leads to better user experience than a default Odoo theme. With this theme, the flexibility is extended from User to user. We have added a new functionality toggle full-width view, which maximizes screen area for better user experience. This theme is fully responsive and it works smoothly with Laptop, tablet & mobile devices.

    IQ Smart look & feel and user experience

    • During the development of Allure Backend theme, we had focused on the users, user work area and their ease while using Odoo ERP. We had elevated the user work area, user experience with providing flexibility to the user to reducing clicks like for switching from one app to other apps with 'Favourite bar' menu. Furthermore provided flexibility to User to users by choosing different theme colours, fonts, apps icons, favourite apps on its bar, a night mode, Display density for list view and many more.

    • In-depth customization is implemented on the Menu bar, Submenu bar, Control Panel, List view, Search option layout, Form view action buttons, Dashboard, Kanban View, ListView, Form View, Graph View, Pivot View, General View, Calendar View, Planner view, Chat Panel and many more.

    • The List view is more smoothing and also for kanban view. List view with Display density with 3 options is implemented in this theme for all modules. It becomes more relaxing for the user to operate.

    • In Search functionality, Filter, Group by and Favorites have been provided on a right slide bar, with tick box option, which does not obstruct the screen as seen in standard Odoo.

    • In Allure backend theme the has flexibility to choose from horizontal tab bar & vertical tab in Form View, it becomes easier for the operator or the user to fill in the data when more data is to be fetched into the system.

    • As in standard Odoo view, the users' are not comfortable to use the chatter functionality, because they have to scroll down to use the chatter functionality. But in Allure backend theme a chatter button is provided, as the user clicks on it, the chatter window slides-in from the right side. The user can chat with the concerned person and simultaneously fill-in the data in the form. In standard Odoo the user cannot use both the functionality at the same time.

    • The flexible, powerful, clean, responsive backend UI is maintained throughout the ERP. With the full-screen facility, the user area is wide with a bigger form input area, view area, reporting area, clean dashboard with inner pages for all ERP users.

    • As our backend theme gives fresh user interface, with more flexibility has elevated looks with a larger work area your client won't be able to realize that Odoo is working in the background. It makes you feel as if, you or your client is using independent ERP system.

    Desktop Menu (Arabic)

     Fuzzy Search

     Horizontal/Vertical Menu options

    Favourite bar

    List view Display density(compact,comfortable & Default)

    Display Mode(Normal, Night & light mode)

    2D, 3D & default Icons

    Horizontal/Vertical Tab options

    System Tray Menu

     Customize Theme Colors