Odoo Customised POS for Restaurant

Customized POS with:-
-loyality program
-customer wallet
-discount coupon
-delivery option from one screen
-This module is reviewed and worked in the community edition of Odoo but not reviewed in the Enterprise edition.
-For responsive design, this module supports a minimum of 10 "(Inch) screen.

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    POS Restaurant

    POS Restaurant Features for Community Version


    • This module is reviewed and worked in the community edition of Odoo but not reviewed in the Enterprise edition.

    • we support Ubuntu OS and not Windows OS.

    • For responsive design, this module supports a minimum of 10 "(Inch) screen.


    • Responsive Design For Tablet

    • Kitchen Screen

    • Order/line Note

    • E-Receipt

    • Rounding

    • Order Screen

    • Quick Cash Payment

    • Product Screen

    • Pricelist Extension

    • Current Screen Lock

    • Show Cart Details

    • Order/Product Return

    • Bag Charges

    • Out of Stock Details

    • Delivery Charges

    • Draft Order

    • Product Synchronization

    • Operations on Order

    • Display Warehouse Quantity

    • Direct POS Login From Database

    • Vertical Category Layout

    • Token Number Generator

    • Multi-Store

    • Login POS With RFID

    • Table Reservation

    • Chair Allocation

    • Change Bill of Material

    • Product Load Background

    • Customer Screen

    • Money In/Out From Cash Drawer

    • Print Last Receipt

    • Promotion

    • Display Stock for Product

    • Loyalty Program

    • Gift Card

    • Gift Voucher

    • Print Product Return Valid days

    • Card Charges

    • Wallet Management

    • Broadcast Messages

    • Multi Terminal Lock

    • Session Close (Cash Control)

    • Keyboard Shortcut

    • Theme

    • Product Combo

    • Delivery Order Screen

    • Credit/ Debit Management

    • Product Internal Transfer

    • Default Customer

    • Order Sync(Cashier/Waiter)

    • Product Variants

    • Change User Pin(For POS)

    • Set Product Valid Days from Backend


    • POS Graph View Report

    • X-Report

    • Today Sale Report

    • Z-Report

    • Sales Summary

    • Orders Summary

    • Products Summary

    • Payment Summary

    • Session & Inventory Audit Report

    • Product Expiry Report

    • Partner Ledger

    • General Ledger

    • Trial Balance

    • Balance Sheet

    • Profit/Loss Report

    • Aged Payable

    • Aged Receivable

    • Tax Report

    • Non-Moving Stock Report


    • Sales Dashboard

    • POS Dashboard

    POS Screens

    Login Screen

    Restaurant floor eye view

    POS Main Screen

    Category Wise Product

    Customer Screen

    Product Screen

    Create Product

    Products Display in Listview

    Payment Screen

    Cart Details


    •  Create a combo product

    •  Edit combo product

    •  Hide product unit of measurement

    •  Print combo product details on receipt

    configuration to enable Combo feature.

    Create a Combo Product

    Select the combo product, an open popup of combo product.

    Combo product details added to cart.

    Click the edit button for edit selected combo products.

    Editable combo product details added to cart.

    Combo product print on the receipt.

    POS Order with combo product details.

    Product Modifiers

    • Create product modifier

    • Modifier add or delete from product

    • Product modifier details print on the receipt

    Create Product Modifiers.

    Add modifiers in a product.

    Product Modifire detail printed on the receipt.

    Kitchen Screen

    • Kitchen screen is for staff to see the order that has been placed.

    • It will also show particular table orders.

    • Kitchen screen has two User Category: Cook and Manager.

    • Cook can only see the order of specified categories.

    • Manager can see all orders and table orders.

    kitchen Screen configuration.

    -You can set kitchen screen user as Cook or Manger and assign categories by which you can give the right to see the order that belongs to the given category

    Product add to cart and click kitchen button for simply place an order and it will be sent to the kitchen

    Click kitchen view to view screen shown below

    This view is only visible to Manger. You can see order note below the order in the red line.

    By clicking on the information icon you can see table order note.

    Manager can also see a list view of orders

    Click confirm button to change state waiting to deliver

    Cook can log in to the session and redirect to kitchen Screen.

    As per order progress, the cook can update state.

    Once you enable timer in the kitchen then you can show cooking time in the kitchen screen

    You just need to define "Making Time" in product form view for a particular product. Ex. Burger 10 Min, Pizza 30 Min like

    Once the order will send in kitchen screen then order products cooking time will calculate and show total time to cook user.

    Once order time is over then kitchen kanban view colour will change and highlighted to cook user.

    Credit / Debit Management

    User can set the configuration to enable this feature.

    Credit Management

    User can give credit amount and also pay the due amount of POS order.

    Customer credit amount details printed on the receipt.

    In back-end entry of customer credit details is here.

    User can pay the amount of POS order using customer credit amount.

    Customer Credit details printed on the receipt

    If the user-pay full amount of POS order then the entry of POS order is the paid state

    Debt Management

    Click on the debit button to create a draft order

    In back-end entry of pos order in a new state.

    Using pay debit button user can pay the due amount of POS order

    If the user-pay full amount of POS order then the entry of POS order is paid state

    If over customer debit limit then display an alert message

    Add Product Note

    Added product note in order line

    Add Order Note

    POS Order note and Product Note is printed on the receipt

    Bag Charges

    Bag Charges Applied in Cart

    POS Bag charges are printed on the receipt

    Warehouse Product Quantity

    Customer Display

    Lock Your POS Screen

    Lock POS Screen