Odoo Queue Management/Odoo Token Management

Odoo Queue Management / Odoo Token Management Program is a very effective computerized way to handle customers. It offers a self-ticketing system where customers can produce the token themselves and are designed to handle the customers keeping the tokens properly.

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    Odoo Queue Management

    IQ Minds offers an "Odoo Queueue Management / Odoo Token Management" application which helps us to reduce the loss of a potential sale due to unmanaged waiting line management. This module introduces the customers to a self-ticketing token management program with a front-end token display screen. Information such as the number of counters present at a time, total tickets created in the system, served customers and cancelled single screen tickets can be viewed. To control customer queue using Odoo, check the token history and status of all the serving counters.


    • Odoo Token Management provides the function to implement the Queue Management token program at the store.

    • The customer will produce the tokens themselves and print them out and wait for their turn.

    • The incorporated token counter is displayed on the screen.

    • The token counter also shows customers the catering departments.

    • Neatly designed dashboard for the admin to overview all the necessary information like the total tickets generated in a month or year, total customers served etc.

    • The token status can be classified as Completed, Progress or cancelled by the administrator, depending on the customer's need and requirement

    • Depending on the type of service and the products different departments can be created.

    • In the Odoo backend, the admin will see the token creation history.

    • In the Odoo backend, the token dispensing sequence can be tailored by the admin.


    Customer View

    An interface that is used to produce the customers token. To create the token fill in all the necessary information. As an example-A person standing in the queue can generate the token by clicking on "Generate Token"

    After generating token, all the relevant information like Token no, how many are attending, what is your position is displayed on the screen. 


    However, A process token user(user 2) will handle all the customers' token when all the token is created. Calling customers one by one, he clicks on "Call Next"

    All further information such as customer question and reviews are indicated by process token user (user 2) for the checkout process.

    A Process Token Manager dashboard (user 2) shows all information from different counters, such as Tab Counter, Display LED / LCD Counter, Smartphone counter. In addition, each counter's status is shown whether it is in the open stage or in progress.

    Manager View

    Admin is entitled to see the Dashboard. All related information such as How many have been served, how many are still in the queue. It also shows the representation of data on the dashboard in graphical and pie-chart.