POS Order Return

Version- v12
Required Apps:-
-Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
-Inventory (stock)
-Invoicing (account)

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    POS Order Return

    Returning an order in a more convenient way is something which every customer strives for in today’s world. As after standing in a long queue, customers desire that the user at the POS consumes less time to return their product. Hence, we have our module POS Order Return, which has the feature to return the order at ease and in a more convenient manner with allied features.

    Salient Features

    • The seller can return an order within POS Session.

    • The seller can return orders belongs to the current session as well as return orders those were created after a specific date configured in the backend.

    • The seller can return an order completely or partially (by selecting products to return).

    • The seller can return partially returned order again if the customer desires so.

    • The seller can also set product(s) as non-returnable.

    • The seller can see the detailed view ( ordered products, quantity, price, total amount, payment mode, customer etc.) of previous orders directly in POS Session.

    • No complex backend configuration

    POS Session View And Configuration

    All Orders List

    Detailed View Of Selected Order

    Creating Return Order

    After clicking the Refund/Return button, fill the product(s) quantities that customer wants to return as shown below.

    Selecting Payment Method For Refund

    Receipt For Return Order

    Detailed View Of Order After Returning Order
    The seller can also see which and how much quantity of product(s) is returned. For partially returned order if any situation comes that customer desires to return order again then the seller can create new return order again.

    Make Product Non-Returnable

    As we know some product are non-returnable type. Here Seller can also set product(s) as non-returnable. These products will not be returned in POS.

    Non-Returnable Products In POS

    Backend Configuration To Load Orders