QuickBooks Online Odoo Connector

Version- v10
Required Apps:-
• Inventory (stock)
• Invoicing (account)
• Sales (sale_management)
• Purchase (purchase)
• Employees (hr)

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    QuickBooks Online Odoo Connector App Features

    Odoo Quickbooks online connector is used to export invoices/bill from Odoo get them paid in QBO and import paid invoices/bills in Odoo.

    This connector will help the user to import-export following objects. 

    Import / Export Master Data Customers, Suppliers, Accounts, Tax, Products, Payments With this integration, all accounting information from various technology applications like Inventory and Warehouse Management, CRM, HRM, Helpdesk, Project Management could be easily transitioned back and forth within QBO.

    This delivered the following high-value outcomes

    • It reduced dependency on manual entry of data

    • Saved time for duplicate record keeping from external systems to QBO

    • Substantially bought down human errors

    • Quicker insight generation on organization-wide finances possible as compared to the siloed approach of the external systems

    New Add-on Features


    Look at the new features which are added on to Odoo-Quickbooks online connector developed by IQ Minds. All are listed below:-

    Quickbooks to Odoo:-

    • Customer

    • Vendor

    • Accounts

    • Account Tax

    • Product Category

    • Products

    • Payment Methods

    • Payment Terms

    • Customer Payment

    • Vendor Payment

    • Inventory

    • Sales Order

    • Invoice

    • Purchase Order

    • Vendor Bills

    • Department

    • Employee

    Odoo to Quickbooks:-

    • Customer

    • Vendor

    • Accounts

    • Account Tax

    • Product Category

    • Product

    • Inventory

    • Invoice

    • Payment Method

    • Quotation

    • Purchase Order

    • Employee

    • Department


    Click on company name as per requirement -> Select Quickbooks Menu

    Inside Quickbook configuration you can see three tabs named as  Initial Sync, Credentials and QB Account Configuration. Go to Credentials tab and Paste the credentials for Client Id and Client Secret copied from  Quickbooks to respective fields in Odoo under it. 

    Click on Authenticate. 

    Authenticate:- This button will check the credentials from both sides and if it matches,  authentication get successful, only then it will give permission to sync the data. 

    Refresh Token:-  It will help to keep a bridge between the Quickbooks and Odoo. If you have clicked then you don’t need to authenticate after every 2 hours to sync the data from functionality. 

    Last Imported Id:-

    This showcase the last imported id from Quickbooks to Odoo which is to showcase whether the data has been synced or not and the last id of same. 

    If you wish to update the data please follow below steps to update the data from QuickBooks to Odoo if there is any change in it. 

    1. Settings -> Companies -> Select Company

    2. Click on Edit button

    3. Go to Quickbooks tab -> Initial Sync

    4. Set the data to ‘0’ from the last imported id (For example if Last Imported Id  for Customer Sync is showing 301 then you need to make it 0 and again click on sync data)

    5. Save

    6. Sync