School Management software

Available in Version- v12
Main Activity:-
1. Admission management
2. Student management
3. Exam management
4. Fees, and Financial activities
5. Teachers and staff management
6. Transport management
7. Timetable management
8. Library management
9. Hostel management

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    Student Information

    • A perfect student management program that helps you to store all student-specific information such as location, blood type, achievements and many more.

    Faculty Management

    • Faculty management system with integrated HR management system offers direct oversight of faculty-specific information such as degree, qualifications, and payroll.


    • Establish register of admission to begin the process of admission. Details of payments, time period, maximum applicant number and other information may be set. The applicant can apply for a particular course, pay fees and be admitted.


    • The financial management component of IQ Minds provides institutes with the help of multiple payment methodologies and adaptive payment systems to handle their financial operations.

    Manage Classrooms

    • To optimize the instructional process, Class Management Program handles courses, collections, lessons and sections in different ways.

    Time Table

    • Managing faculties and students' time is the most critical aspect for any institution and IQ Minds helps do the same, offering a completely user-friendly platform for allocating time slots to faculties.


    • Day to day activities like attendance management can become a tedious task for anyone, and IQ Minds tried to eliminate it by collecting minimum data by automating population of other data.


    • Informing and allocating students about tasks, reviewing them and receiving input in IQ Minds interactive atmosphere is only a matter of a few clicks.


    • Integrated Library Management System aims to manage Book Management by managing functions such as book issue, distributing books to students and faculties, initiating insufficient library purchasing quote for books, and tracking activities using barcode-based library cards.


    • For IQ Minds, it is now possible to coordinate analysis with the help of different measurement methods such as Average, CPA, CCE.


    • Workflow driven result generation of IQ Minds makes sure that each result gets generated using a transparent process and at each state, each change is being monitored and historized.


    • Event management program helps institutes to coordinate and remind students and faculties about the activities with RSVP sending facility.


    • The news publication of the IQ Minds is only a click away to keep students and faculty members updated of the happenings going on around the campus.


    • Internal blogging program uses the shared atmosphere of IQ Minds to provide extensive knowledge exchange around the organization.


    • A user-friendly interface that provides the students and faculty with cumulative details, makes it easier for them to handle their timetable and function effectively.


    • Comprehensive documentation on all things, supplying institutes with knowledge about students' and faculty success lets them set the correct standards and goals.