Required Apps:-

-Inventory (stock)
-Sales (sale_management)
-Invoicing (account)


-Synchronize Product
-Manage Orders
-Manage Multiple Stores
-Manage Stock
-Manage Price
-Manage Returns & Refund
-Set Automatic Jobs
-Track Mismatch Log

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    Shopify is a well known multichannel cloud-based eCommerce platform built for small and medium-sized companies. The Shopify Odoo Connector is a must-have product for them when a Shopify Seller uses Odoo as its backend ERP. A seller can integrate Shopify Store with Odoo using this connector and handle various operations such as publishing items to Shopify, importing orders to odoo and much more. Automate all operations on Shopify Odoo Integration to save a great deal of time and energy using this connector.


    Synchronize Product

    Import, Export and Synchronize products and product details between Odoo and Shopify.

    Manage Orders

    Import Shopify orders to Odoo, Update order status from Odoo to Shopify.

    Manage Multiple Stores

    Connect multiple Shopify Stores with a single Odoo database.

    Manage Stock

    Synchronize Product Stocks between Shopify and Odoo seamlessly.

    Manage Price

    Synchronize Product Prices between Shopify and Odoo as and when you want.

    Manage Returns & Refund

    Manage Product Returns in Odoo and send a credit note from Odoo to Shopify.

    Set Automatic Jobs

    Set automatic jobs to perform various vital Shopify Odoo Operations.

    Track Mismatch Log

    Find out the reasons for unsuccessful operations in Mismatch Log.


    Odoo to Shopify - Export Operations

    • Export and update products and product details

    • Export and update product stock, price and images

    • Publish or Unpublish products to Shopify store from Odoo

    • Update Order Status of Completed and Cancelled orders

    • Manage Refunds

    Shopify to Odoo - Import Operations

    • Introducing Webhooks: When the new Order, Product or Customer is created at Shopify Store, get it instantly in Odoo without waiting for the next cron job.

    Your endpoint must be an HTTPS webhook address with a valid SSL certificate that can correctly process the event.

    • Import or Synchronize products

    • Import Product Stock, price and image

    • Import Unfulfilled Orders

    • Import Customer Details

    Synchronize Product

    Import Order

    Cancel orders

    Refund in Shopify

    Automatic Jobs

    Screenshots With Details

    Create Shopify Instance

    Configure Shopify Instance

    Configure the Sale Auto Workflow

    Set the Payment Gateways

    Detailed information on Financial Status

    Perform Shopify Operations from Dashboard

    Various Shopify Product Operations

    Product Details configuration in Shopify

    Product Images management

    Manage Warehouse for Shopify Orders

    Shopify Sale Order

    Cancel Sale Order in Shopify

    Refunds in Shopify

    Process refund in Shopify

    Set Shipping Method for Shopify Orders

    Configure Scheduled Actions for Order & Stock

    Webhooks Configuration

    Sales Analysis

    Graphical Sales Analysis

    Mismatch Logs

    Package Management