Website Partial Invoice and Multiple Invoices Payment

Version- v12, v13
Required Apps
• Sales Management (sale)
• Website Builder (website)
• Invoicing (account)

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    Website Portal Partial and Multiple Invoices Payment

      Using this Odoo applications customer will pay multiple invoices together as well as make partial invoice payment directly via the website. Upon downloading this Odoo module website can present two additional choices on portal invoice view such as paying multiple invoices and paying partial invoices. So website customers can easily select the correct payment form and make payment easily from the website that made payment is properly reflected on the back-end with payment of the invoice in Odoo ERP.


      Pay Multiple Partial Payment of Invoices on Website

      Users can pay single and multiple partial payments using the website.

      After Pay Partial Payment, Invoice update in Back-end

      User can see After Pay Partial Payment, Updated Invoice in Back-end

      User can Manage Account on Website

      Users manage invoices in my account on the website then pay a partial payment of invoices.

      Partial Payment for Multiple Invoices

      Users can pay Partial Payment for Multiple Invoices.

      Validation on Maximum Payment

      Apply validation on pay more payment than the invoice amount

      Invoice Status Show on Website

      Users can see different invoices status on the website.

      Partial Payment Confirmation Notification

      If Partial Payment successfully is done then see the confirmation notification message.

      Payment Method Selection

      Users can select payment methods on the website.


      Pay Partial Invoice Payment

      You can see your invoices from my account.

      Partial Payment

      The figure shows the button for partial payment.

      Make for Partial Payment

      In this window enter the amount that you want to make for partial payment.

      Done Payment Notification

      A simple thank you message to let you know that your partial payment is done.

      In the Back-end

      The remaining balance of order with invoice order id is displayed in the Customer Invoice.

      Pay Multiple Invoices

      You can pay multiple invoices using a single payment.

       You can enter multiple invoice reference numbers and payment amount, You can also select the payment method for pay invoices.

      A simple thank you message to let you know that your partial payment is done.

      See the invoices after Pay Multiple invoices partial payment.

      Multiple invoices partial payment was done in the back-end.